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January 2013

Icy Moon

Icy Moon

You are tonight’s moon I’m the icy dark around that makes you this bright


How to Paint Dreamtime Circles: a Journey in Web Technologies

Once upon a time, there was a guy that loved writing. He loved anything related to writing: languages, alphabets, typefaces and he loved poetry as much as stories and scientific papers. He was into computers for a living and he was spending most of his day writing as well. So one day he told himself: “I love writing, so why not sharing my passion with others? I could create something and give it to people in addition to rely and enjoy other’s work”. He loved trees and he was into computers as we said, so the most natural, cheap, and paper-free way for him to start writing was obvious: creating …

Love memories’ fall

You called me “husband” with a good, bright, loving voice. That sound now joins leaves

Detached leaf

A detached leaf lightly flies over the world stops on your shoulder

New life

Sore tired unhappy blades die close but lone in ice new life lies beneath

Do you love me?

What do you feel like? What’s your heart’s colour today? And do you love me?

Share Poetry

Walking down unseen brushing all reality we could share poetry

Autumn Talks

Casual looks and walks Leaves through grey wind, blood through veins Autumn brings them talks