Devil’s shoes

“Trust me, you’ll recognize it when you find it” – he had been told. “There aren’t many creatures that look like us people and still can walk there without any protection.” He had never been there, it was the first time for him and he had never walked a shell either.  That one must have been the so-called Circle of Wind, and its ability to roam it on his feet must have been one more reason people was calling it a devil.

That trip was about to cost him a lot, mostly because he had to rent that vehicle, but he was going to earn much more than that. He would bring back its corpse as a proof of what he had accomplished.

The forest was dense; the soft tree branches were following the fast changing breath of the wind: stronger, lighter, one direction, the opposite direction. They were joining that dance at different times, depending on their bulk and height, and were drawing in the ground fast-changing islands of intense sunlight and others filled with dim dark. There was some strange beauty in all that life and light movement, both stranger and more fascinating than he could have imagined by listening at the folk stories, before seeing all that personally. Nevertheless he felt uncomfortable in it, as if he had crossed some border separating the dimension he used to live in from some other place he was unable to understand the meaning and laws of, one for sure not meant to be accessed by mortals though.

“You are striving to accomplish something, but you should know you could not possibly succeed” – he heard, as if someone was whispering inside his own helmet with a very calm, friendly and deep voice. “The reason of that… The thing that is looking and the thing it is looking for… Both of them just do not exist”. Before ever having the chance to be shaken by doubt and fear he saw a man sitting by a small water pool; both him and the water were calm and still, as if the wind was not even reaching them. That man slowly rose the left arm and plunged it into the pool as if it was much deeper than a bunch of inches; he then came out of it slowly: a little girl was holding onto it and, once she was fully out of the pool, she walked and sat beside him. Her head was shaved and she was dressing a white nightdress; she looked more like a light-spreading hologram than someone in the flesh.

He was not sure about what was happening in his mind but, by looking at that man and that little girl sitting peacefully there, the very first sparks of fear vanished and, although he had found what he had come for, he felt like he didn’t and he had let go any desire of accomplishing his intent. On one hand he was sad as if he had lost something, but on the other hand he felt as if he had finally found freedom. He had just been liberated from what he started to see as a very regrettable, useless and meaningless purpose.

I saw all of this happening and then I woke up.

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