About Dreamtime

DreamtimeAustralian Aboriginals believe in a sacred era, the Dreamtime, in which ancestral totemic spirits created everything in the world. In fact, according to them, all things and events that exist today are part of a complex network of relationships that trace back to the Dreamtime. There, the souls of all the places and creatures, including human ones, exist forever together with the primordial spirits.

An human being is believed to host a special kind of soul that is meant to protect the natural world and, above all, the place and the spirit where the soul entered the developing baby. As a consequence, the Australian Aboriginal culture is about preserving nature and minimizing any human impact.

There are many stories about the Dreamtime as there are subcultures especially connected with some place and its ancestral spirit. These stories have been told through dances, songlines, paintings and artwork and have been transmitted for thousands of years in these forms from a generation to the next ones. Songlines are especially connected with a land and their structure closely follows the structure of the land itself.

Australian Aboriginals believe that the Dreamtime still exists as a separate dimension that is accessible through, unsurprisingly perhaps, dreams.

I think contemporary occidental culture can only dream of such an human depth and has many lessons to learn in this respect.

Let’s recall this Shakespeare quote from The Tempest:

We are such stuff
As dreams are made on; and our little life
Is rounded with a sleep

We continuously build our own reality in our minds through our emotions, thoughts, judgements and expectations. We can be aware of this fact, and paint our mind with art, or unaware of it and have our inner canvas get painted by unknown forces within us, that is our conditionings.

If our mind is like an empty space, filled with our own creativity potential, and our reality is but a dream, then the Dreamtime is not a separate dimension but it is still here, in this very moment.

These are my Dreamtime stories; they are my paintings on my canvas about the lands and the ancestral spirits of my soul, and I’d like to share them with you so that you can enjoy them and let them expand your own world. Perhaps, at some point in future, you’ll feel like having them seed your own paintings on your own canvas and maybe you’ll want to share them with others in return.

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