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October 2013

Goodbye Mac OS X, Welcome Arch Linux!

  Hi friend! Before you go on on please take a second to match a few statements with your profile for the benefit of your reading time. You: Do not own the latest and greatest filled-with-bells-and-whistles Apple machine and, most importantly, you don’t intend to, at all: there’s just enough garbage in this world and you’re dead-tired of producers that don’t take care of their product’s lifecycle in a planet-preserving fashion Are fed up with the latest Apple computer OSs and their puzzling resource black holes Can proudly assert that you’re not quite a technology illiterate but, on the other hand, you’d rather create than hack and don’t intend to spend …


Rag, cup, clear water You live, talk and resonate We mold each other


Hearts and minds in bed pouring milky gratitude your sip gave me warmth