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November 2013

Reality? There ain’t such stuff: science, art and spirituality melt back into creative living

You might know already a young, western-originated curious man’s practical reasoning discipline called “science”. Well, its “physics” offspring in its modern “quantum” dress is basically telling us, in a new disguise, a few key things that have been long known to several elder “mind sciences”, spiritual traditions or “ways”: The way we think about things (call it “model”) molds the reality we’re going to experience. This can be true to such an extent that when we setup experiments for one physical model about light’s behaviour, say the “particle” one, then for another incompatible model, say the “wave” one, we’ll get a “yes it matches” answer in both cases (I suggest reading, …

Marvellous Kiosk

A young father brings his curious child to our kiosk Their smile is my joy

Efficient I/O: working smart with slow byte movers

These days I feel deeply puzzled with (not to say troubled by) a few aspects of our contemporary software architecture & development machinery. There’s a lot of gossiping going on about efficient runtime & programming models in the context of contemporary operating systems’ support for so-called “non-blocking I/O” (read: vert.x, node.js, netty & the like), which basically means “tell what you’re interested in and where, then I’ll call you back so you don’t have to stand up waiting for a slow guy like I am”. Actually, some smart people got the topic right in a clever way long time before this trend started to get hot: they are the Erlang guys. …