Reality? There ain’t such stuff: science, art and spirituality melt back into creative living


You might know already a young, western-originated curious man’s practical reasoning discipline called “science”. Well, its “physics” offspring in its modern “quantum” dress is basically telling us, in a new disguise, a few key things that have been long known to several elder “mind sciences”, spiritual traditions or “ways”:

  • The way we think about things (call it “model”) molds the reality we’re going to experience. This can be true to such an extent that when we setup experiments for one physical model about light’s behaviour, say the “particle” one, then for another incompatible model, say the “wave” one, we’ll get a “yes it matches” answer in both cases (I suggest reading, for example, this nice piece about God’s odd humour).
  • Having such an influence on what we’re trying to experience, we basically must consider ourselves one with it, rather than separated from it.

Still, we mostly consider “reality” not something we build and create by choosing to see things in one way or another, but rather something given as an imposed “external”, static and constraining fact. Luckily, there aint’s such stuff: science, art and spiritual traditions nowadays agree that we have inherited an amazing trait from the underlying, fundamental fabric of all things: creativity, that is the ability to spontaneously make new reality out of nothing.

Being aware about reality-making through the creation and application of points of view (let’s call this process “culture”) brings another element to the table: if it’s our choice to do so, we might as well choose and train not to do it. What do we start experiencing in this case? If you’re curious about that, I think you’ll be able to find some hints in your favourite [name it] spiritual tradition. For instance you could start looking up “nen” in the context of Zen Buddhism.

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