The Bridge


What unites people?

Once upon a time there was an Italian student. He was a nice guy although not very intelligent: he wanted to leave the comfort of his own house to start travelling.

One day he met a beautiful and lovely woman, she was very smart and it seemed like she was a princess. They were very happy together and became friends immediately.

She lived in the land of Israel. He had heard something about that land but he didn’t know a lot. He thought it was a hot and desert land. He started to read and ask and eventually he had heard both nice and bad things. He loved his friend and he wanted to see with his own eyes, so he decided to travel there too.

It was a beautiful land. Flowers with strong colors, trees with curved trunks, many different people, they all seemed happy. Like a small world in a single country. They spoke warm and beautiful languages. They were open, curious and smart and they liked discussing, knowing and understanding. They loved their family and friends. Many Israelis were Jewish but some were Muslim, Druze and some Christians and they lived, worked and went out together.

“Once more I didn’t know anything. I’m really stupid.” he told his girl friend.
“Yeah, right. Anyway I like that!”

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