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Mellow Lacking

Bosom’s eardrum stroke winding rousing limbs, mellow lacking and leaking

Early Summer

Around the corner Early summer blinds my breath: Red lips in blossom

Today’s end

Friend, your voice only among all the sacred things I’d end today with


To a cat’s friendship clouds, you, me, to such greatness I can’t stop bowing

Marvellous Kiosk

A young father brings his curious child to our kiosk Their smile is my joy


Rag, cup, clear water You live, talk and resonate We mold each other


I’ll meet you right here telling your love through kindness with tea and no words

Playful friend

The wind spread my shell I get the joke, playful friend Let’s laugh together


猫先生の 心は砂漠 永遠の鮮度 Neko-sensei no kokoro wa sabaku ein no sendo Wisdom of the cat his heart like a desert of eternal freshness



You grow while I stand Tattoos of erased futures Be welcome fierce weeds