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The Bridge

What unites people? Once upon a time there was an Italian student. He was a nice guy although not very intelligent: he wanted to leave the comfort of his own house to start travelling. One day he met a beautiful and lovely woman, she was very smart and it seemed like she was a princess. They were very happy together and became friends immediately. She lived in the land of Israel. He had heard something about that land but he didn’t know a lot. He thought it was a hot and desert land. He started to read and ask and eventually he had heard both nice and bad things. He loved …

Dance on the Water

It was late. No: it was later. In a hurry he stood another few moments, grabbing in a swirl on his legs anything he could think would be of any use later on: keys, bags, fruits. And then ran out. “Run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run” – Hey sweetheart, where are you running? – He got his cap off and tried to scratch his forefront with the very same hand, unsuccessfully so. – Have you got a minute? There’s something I’d like to talk about. Have you met the new guys yet? – – I’m sooooo sorry… Can’t stop now, can’t. Can’t, you see! No way now, maybe… No. …


As a man in daylight dreamtime, trying to let go of delusive teachings, and as a butterfly in nightly awakening, my heart peacefully lying on the moon, I breathe, therefore I know I am loved.

Three travellers, one door

– How do you feel? – Mom said, putting a hand on her forefront. – Yes. – – What do you mean by that? – Temperature seemed not too bad. – Yes, ok, I can sleep. – – Good girl. Come here! – And hugged her tightly, taking her time. She always did like that lately. – I’ll switch off the light now. – Printing a kiss on her left cheek. – Mom – – Yes? – Pulling the switch up again – Did you ever have shower with dad? – – What? Why you ask? – Unexpected topics and questions had become the norm more than the exception with her. Still, …

Mellow Lacking

Bosom’s eardrum stroke winding rousing limbs, mellow lacking and leaking

Early Summer

Around the corner Early summer blinds my breath: Red lips in blossom

Today’s end

Friend, your voice only among all the sacred things I’d end today with

Both Sides – Side Two

At times, when I’m traveling, I wake up in the midst of the night in some foreign place, yet I am completely sure to lie in my own bed. Then it gradually becomes apparent that something is different: the size and shape of the room has changed, the bedside tables are somewhere else or nowhere to be found, the door is on a different wall. After realizing that, usually a few seconds are enough for me to start recalling events that brought me there; still, before that moment, there’s a pause, a corner in time where ideas about myself and my own character with perspectives, thoughts and emotions haven’t completely …

Both Sides – Side One

He passed the library, the central way, the petrol station, the priority sign to the highway, the traffic light at the back road cross. Work was in progress there to pave back a damaged section in front of the speed detector, a segment that could become quite dangerous when drivers slowed down abruptly. A black boy wearing a fluorescent jacket was governing the travel directions; indolent and bored, he was barely holding the signaling disk in his left hand while gripping a walkie talkie with the other one; he was slowly, mechanically and almost imperceptibly waving over and over again the green light line, calling upon them to proceed. After a …


To a cat’s friendship clouds, you, me, to such greatness I can’t stop bowing