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As a man in daylight dreamtime, trying to let go of delusive teachings, and as a butterfly in nightly awakening, my heart peacefully lying on the moon, I breathe, therefore I know I am loved.

Three travellers, one door

– How do you feel? – Mom said, putting a hand on her forefront. – Yes. – – What do you mean by that? – Temperature seemed not too bad. – Yes, ok, I can sleep. – – Good girl. Come here! – And hugged her tightly, taking her time. She always did like that lately. – I’ll switch off the light now. – Printing a kiss on her left cheek. – Mom – – Yes? – Pulling the switch up again – Did you ever have shower with dad? – – What? Why you ask? – Unexpected topics and questions had become the norm more than the exception with her. Still, …

Mellow Lacking

Bosom’s eardrum stroke winding rousing limbs, mellow lacking and leaking

Love memories’ fall

You called me “husband” with a good, bright, loving voice. That sound now joins leaves

Detached leaf

A detached leaf lightly flies over the world stops on your shoulder

New life

Sore tired unhappy blades die close but lone in ice new life lies beneath

Autumn Talks

Casual looks and walks Leaves through grey wind, blood through veins Autumn brings them talks